Our Mission

Black Aviation has been established by passionate aviators, advisers and financiers with the intention of delivering our customers all of their private and corporate aviation needs end-to-end.

We endeavour to inspire our customers to expand their horizons, whether they are a first time aircraft owner or an experienced owner upgrading. Our wealth of industry experience will ensure that all available opportunities for the customer are explored and that the machine selected is the best fit.

Black Aviation seamlessly manages the entire acquisition process from the initial needs assessment right through to sourcing the crew. Our genuine focus on integrity, independence and total customer satisfaction will make you wonder why it took you so long to take-off.


Operational: The management team have amassed over 6,500 flying hours across 50 different fixed wing and helicopter types. From within our own team, Black Aviation has operational experience in areas that include corporate aviation, charter, aeromedical, freight, remote area operations, fire fighting, flight training, and aerial survey.

Team licenses / endorsements: ATPL Aeroplane, CPL Helicopter, instrument rating, multi-engine IFR instructor, FAA PPL, turbine engine, pressurisation, floatplane, tailwheel, aerobatics, glider, low level and banner towing just to name a few.

Transactional: Our team has participated in the acquisition and financing of over A$5.5bn of both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.